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Anirudh Khandelwal1 , Prof. (Dr.) Dipa Chakrabarti
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.64


The American cinema needs no introduction, it is the most popular cinema of the world (Rosal, 2022). Its innovation throughout history- through acting, technology, and strategy- made it reach unprecedented heights at which it is today. History has seen so many developments in American cinema evolving into its modern avatar. Furthermore, France is regarded as the birthplace of cinema. The Lumière brothers, Pathé and Gaumont were the first to release some movies with the current format; thus, they are officially the first makers of cinema as we understand it today. During the 19th century, they innovated and produced a technique in the form of today’s cinema In this paper, we will debate the origin of the cinema and trace the facts as to the place and date of genesis of cinema by decoding the various theories and myths pertaining to its growth

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