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Formulation of a Transdermal Patch Containing Amlodipin Besylate and Its evaluation

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Devinder Kumar Maheshwari, Netrapal, Zabih Ullah, Y. Ankamma Chowdary4, Nihal P, Vanita Nilesh Lokhande, Gaurav Chaudhary, Alok Kumar Dash, Om M. Bagade, Suraj Mandal
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.256


A transdermal patch is a medical-grade adhesive patch affixed to the skin to permit the absorption of a specific medication dose into the circulation via the skin. The transdermal drug administration system is a cutting-edge method of medication delivery that dispenses with conventional dosage forms. Prior to formulation, the drug's description, solubility, and melting point were evaluated and determined to be standard. Based on pre-formulation investigations, it was determined that the drug could be used to create a transdermal formulation. F5 exhibited a greater percentage of drug release in this transdermal medication delivery method. In comparison to other formulations, formulation F5 has a superior 24-hour prolonged release. It was determined that formulation F5, comprised of Eudragit RS100 and HPMC, was the optimal formulation for ensuring controlled drug release for up to 24 hours. Nevertheless, the optimal formulation, F-5, follows first order kinetics and the diffusion process. The findings of this study provide encouragement that it may be used as a controlled medication delivery system and that administration frequency may be reduced.

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