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Forged Steel Connecting Rod Design along with Analysis

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Prathamesh S. Gorane, Vijay B. Roundal, Vijaykumar Javanjal , Kuldeep A. Mahajan, Sachin R. kandharkar, Anil Shirgire
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.252


The Connecting Rod is a critical part of an Internal Combustion Engine which undergo tensile, compressive and fatigue loading. It acts as an intermediate link or a part in between the piston that sustain gas force and crankshaft that converts into power. The piston pin exerts a push force whereas crank pin receives a pull force. This paper highlights the design and analysis along with different design methods and approach used for connecting rod by various researchers. Static analysis for tensile, compression and fatigue failure carried out on the forged steel connecting rod. Finally, results are discussed and factor of safety is determined for connecting rod

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