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Forensic analytical characterization of Cannabis Sativa using GC-MS from the Dhauladhar range and lower Shivalik range

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Nandini Chauhan, Dr. Ridamjeet Kaur
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.265


Drug Abuser use Cannabis very commonly all over the world that has increased its usage annually very drastically. The analysis of cannabis by using high precision instrumental techniques such as Gas chromatography integrated with mass spectrophotometer (GCMS ) permits for the analysis of cannabis that shows the variations of the constituents of this plant. It has been reported that data of its constituents varied with the prevalence of this plant. In the present study the plant of cannabis Sativa from two regions of near Himalayan range has been studied using GC-MS. This technique proved to be very useful and distinguished the constituents of cannabis sativa from lower Himalayan Region to the Upper Himalayan range. The outcomes obtained from the study will really be helpful in GCMS could be a helpful technique for the comparison of constituents of this drug of abuse in both ranges dhauladar range and lower shiwalik range which is able to assist the investigator regarding the origin of plant. Comparison additionally aids within the understanding and acquaintance of similarities of various samples of cannabinoid

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