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Feasibility Assessment of Coconut Shell for Biographite Production and Thermo-Catalytic Graphitization Reactor Design

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Karpe Omkar Shivajia 1, P. Subramanian b1*, D. Ramesh c, P. Rajkumar b, Balaji Kannan d
» doi: : 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.191


Recently the safe disposal of the biomass is gaining more attention due to the increase air pollution due to waste burning. In this paper the characterisation studies of coconut shell were done to assess the feasibility of the- agriculture waste to be utilize for the biographiteproduction and design of the thermo catalytic graphitization unit.in this study the basic characterisation of biomass such as proximate and ultimate analysis was done. The thermogravimetric analysis was done to study the degradation temperature of the coconut shell with different heating rate viz. 10, 20, 30,40 ℃/min. This study shows that the good quality biographite can be prepared by using the low to medium temperature pyrolysis technique from the coconut shell. The maximum degradation temperature for the coconut shell was found to be around 450 ℃.

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