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Face Recognition and Face Detection Benefits and Challenges

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Roweida Remone Tizee February, Ms. Sushree Sasmita Dash
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.226


Face Recognition has been used for many applications concerning security, identification, and authentication. This research paper examined 60 years of face recognition history and highlighted the difference between face detection and face recognition. The benefits and challenges of using a face recognition system are discussed. The programming languages and libraries used to develop face detection and face recognition systems were examined. The research investigated the process of creating a software application to assist lecturers and teachers in taking classroom attendance using face detection instead of performing this manually. The research was carried out by examining 34 Namibian lecturers and teachers to determine if a face detection system would work as a school/university attendance system. The study found that the majority respondents were willing to use a face-detection attendance system. There are still numerous challenges to overcome before schools or universities can take full advantage of a face-detection attendance system.

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