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Evaluation Of Platelet-Rich Plasma In Regeneration In NonVital Immature Permanent Teeth โ€“ An Original Research

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1Dr. Anusha Rani, 2Dr. Sidhartha S P Behera, 3Dr. Radhika Thakkar, 4Dr. Jitesh V. Pimpale, 5Dr. Megha Sheth, 6Dr. Yaswanthi Yanamadala
ยป doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.Si9.266


Background: A promising regenerative method used in many areas of medicine, including dentistry, is platelet-rich plasma. It makes use of the patient's own blood, which has been concentrated to contain growth hormones and platelets. The treatment location is then injected with these concentrated platelets to promote tissue regeneration and healing. An area of scientific interest has been the use of platelet-rich plasma in dentistry, notably for the regeneration of non-vital immature permanent teeth. Non-vital immature permanent teeth are those that have roots that have not yet fully formed or that have received root canal therapy at a young age.

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