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Evaluation Of Dimensional Changes In Different Elastomeric Impression Materials Used In Implants โ€“ An Original Research

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1Dr. Puneet Padda, 2Dr. Neelofer, 3Dr. Piyush Javiya, 4Dr. Sahil Mogla, 5Dr. Ganaraj Shetty, 6Dr. Sareen Duseja
ยป doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.Si9.267


Background: A widespread and efficient treatment option for restoring missing teeth is dental implants. The effectiveness of implant-supported restorations strongly depends on taking exact and accurate impressions of the implant site since these impressions determine how well the final restoration will fit and last. Due to its advantageous qualities, such as exceptional flexibility, tear resistance, and high accuracy in capturing minute details, elastomeric impression materials have become popular alternatives in contemporary dentistry

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