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Enhancement of Durability of self-compacting concrete with internal curing using super absorbent polymer

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Kuruva Venkateswarlu, Shirish.V.Deo, Meena Murmu
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.01


Self-compacting concrete contains higher cementitious materials in it. Therefore, it needs better curing for the complete hydration of total cementitious materials. External curing alone is insufficient to cure the concrete throughout the section of the concrete element. Internal curing is the solution to effectively cure the concrete and improve the microstructure. The super absorbent polymer in this investigation absorbs 170 g/g in normal water. The quantity of SAP has been decided with the Bentz equation. The effect of SAP has been studied in three curing regimes Water curing, Gunny bag curing and Air curing. Further, it resists aggressive ions and water penetration into the concrete. Electrical resistivity and ultrasonic pulse velocity tests measure the durability of concrete. Electrical resistivity test results give the risk of corrosion, and Ultrasonic pulse velocity gives denseness of structure by ultrasonic pulse velocity through the section of the concrete element. Super absorbent polymer is an adequate internal curing material and is economical. Enhancement of durability has been observed higher in the air curing regime.

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