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Enhanced Monarch Butterfly Optimization based MapReduce Safely using Edwards Curve(MBO-MR-Ed25519) Algorithm for Securing data

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S.Syed Nawas Husain, Dr. R.Balasubramanian
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.99


The security of data is enhanced by using techniques such as encryption and compression to enhance security. Health care, and more specifically cardiovascular disease, has been extensively researched with cryptographic methods. This security is focused on cardiac disease in order to focus on the methods as much as possible. Various optimization problems can be solved with Monarch Butterfly Optimization (MBO) based MapReduce (MR) is a depiction of encoding expected to produce vast datasets. To enhance the security of Ed25519 algorithm, a new transmission security processing mechanism which consists of three phases - key generation, signature generation, and signature verification - is proposed in this paper. In this paper we propose a model of (MBO-MR-Ed25519) for the optimization process using the Monarch Butterfly Optimization algorithm based MapReduce for parallel execution. Finally, the Ed25519 algorithm has been applied to secure the Cardiovascular data. The experimental results show that our proposed method produces relatively stable parallel results, has a faster operating speed, less time and effectively high security.

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