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Chaudhari Trisha N.1 , Ashish Shah2 , Falguni Talajiya3
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.256


Microgrid model with an energy management system is presented in this research. The microgrid is made up of a battery storage system and solar panels. Delivering a dependable and ideal generation from a variety of sources in the microgrid is the aim of the EMS. To manage the load's energy requirements, the proposed system effectively reschedules and organises the power flow between energy storage systems, grid power, and photovoltaics. During times of peak demand, the power grid has the ability to supply electricity to the load, as well as to take in extra power from the intended system when load requirements are low. As a result, a user has the choice to make money by selling the extra power in the system as intended. The system was thoroughly simulated, and the results show how effective the plan is at controlling the energy from different sources.

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