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Mrs.I.Varalakshmi, Abdul Ameer M, Nithish B.S ,Ramachandran S.P, Thanangjayan T
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.404


Wireless IoT sensor networks (WSNs) are a new type of wireless communication technology that provides uninterrupted communication beyond geographical barriers. In the LORAWAN, data transmission is the main source of energy consumption, 6nd it is the major issue that degrades the network performance significantly. Cluster-based routing is one of the approaches in the area of efficient use of energy, which is an important issue in the energy efficient routing protocol. Our proposed system, Energy Efficient Sleep-scheduling for Cluster Based Aggregation (EESCBA) technique for a Low-Response Area Network (LORWAN) through strategic selection of the CH, RED FOX node and the shortest path from the source node to the sink. The proposed WO protocol is based on a cluster-based clustering protocol, where clusters are formed using the Clustering Managers (CMs), the CHs and REDFOX nodes and the routing path is determined. WO achieves higher residual energy, higher lifetime, higher packet delivery ratio, higher energy efficiency and lower end-to-end delay compared to ARPEES and WCH protocols under varying number of rounds. The performance metrics such as delay, packet drop, and average residual energy are evaluated and compared with those of EECS

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