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Employee Empowerment as a tool for quality improvement resulting in organisational productivity and performance- A study

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Surya kumari B.V
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.089


Employee empowerment is one of the modern tools used in the organisation for smooth functioning of business and to improve the productivity and performance of the organisation. Many organizations apply employee empowerment as their major technique for smooth functioning of business. Employee empowerment has proved to be a motivational tool in the organisation to increase output as well as responsibility among the employees. Further every organisation focuses on the quality improvement and resulting better organisational productivity and performance and there is a close relationship between employee empowerment and organisational performance. This is because employee empowerment is a motivational technique which is designed to improve performance of employees, but this need to be managed carefully to focus on employee determination. This is concerned with psychological and structural empowerment. Employee empowerment always focuses on flexible approach which leads to both individual and organisation objectives. In today’s economic world sustainability and profitability is inevitable for any business organisation and in every situation, there is a need for taking crucial decisions in order to attain the financial goals. In this regard one of the important decisions that must be taken by the business is relating to employees. Employee empowerment is one way in which business organizations provide certain autonomous and self-control environment to the employees to manage day to day operations of the business. This is done to empower the employees by providing them some importance in decision making process and also enable them to examine the decisions taken by them is right or wrong. Further this also helps in developing themselves to take right decisions at the right time. For the present research study, the focus on emphasized on the psychological empowerment of employees as a tool which is considered as an independent variable for improving the quality improvisation resulting in overall productivity and performance which is considered as a dependent variable is taken for analysis.

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