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Effect of some pre-harvest treatments as a safe coatings on some physical and chemical properties and extending storage life and marketing of Star Light grapes fruit.

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Sahar Mohamed Abd El Wahab1, Hamed. Hosny. Hamed1 and, Samia Mohamed. EL- Oraby 2 and Ahmed Abdel Nabi Abdel Gayed2
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.245


Edible coatings are an alternative for reducing postharvest loss and increasing market life of fruits, thus retarding their deterioration. This investigation aimed to study influence of safe coating application of "Star light" grape with Sodium Alginate ((NaC6H7O6)) 2%, Aloe Vera gel (1:3) ratio with water , Ethanol-extracted Propolis 4% and Grapefruit Seed extract 1% each alone or in combination between them as compared with Control vines (sprayed with water). All coating postharvest treatments were done as spray clusters at one day before harvest. The Sprayed clusters were cold stored up to 8weeks at 0 °C and 90–95% R H followed by stored 12 days at 10 °C and 70–75% R.H. as marketing life . Fruit quality was evaluated at harvest, during cold storage and during market life. Results showed that decay, total soluble solids and respiration rate increased whereas, berry adherence, total acidity and total phenols decreased by increasing storage and marketing periods. All coating treatments decreased decay, weight loss and delayed the physiochemical changes compared with control during storage periods. Also, the best results of 12 days market life obtained by all safe coating treatments. The study suggests that coating treatments might be a promising candidate as maintain Star light grapes with high quality for longer time in markets after storage for a certain period as meet international market exportations.

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