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Effect of pile installation on nearby existing structure

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Sanjeev Singh, Siddharth Jain, Rahul Yadav,Vinay Baudh,Rahul,Himanshu Verma,Siddharth Bajpai,Abhinandan Singh
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.110


Pile driving may generate vibrations that harm neighbouring structures or disrupt nearby residents or activities. However, the ability of humans to perceive vibration is not a reliable indicator of the vibration's potential for harm. It takes careful design, execution, and accommodation of the most sensitive neighbours to reduce the consequences of pile drive vibrations. Both potential genuine damage and litigation based on subjective impression are subject to mitigation. A thorough site inspection is necessary to prevent settlement-related harm. It may be necessary to assess and alert anyone within 400 metres of the claim in order to prevent claims. It is vital to use easily accessible instruments to measure the real magnitude of vibration in order to prevent harm. The most effective technique to control pile driving vibrations is to put into practise a well-thought-out pile driving specification that includes vibration limits, predriving evaluations, vibration monitoring, informational activities, ground elevation surveys for settlement observation, and standard record procedures. Vibrations caused by pile driving can occur with any type of pile driver and any type of driven pile, and the key determining element is the intensity of the vibration.

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