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Effect of mobile phone overuse on health of medical students

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Dr. Madhav Kadam, Dr Leena Parihar, Dr. Preeti Kori, Dr. Sohan Singh Mandloi
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.115


In this modern era of the 21st century, mobile phones have undoubtedly been part and parcel of our lives as it has revolutionized our lifestyle. We can communicate with one another, retrieve information about education, and can use it for entertainment purpose. However, like all other good things, mobile phone also comes with its own demerits such as it causes various health hazards ranging from insomnia, numbness of fingers, and irritability to headache, anxiety and dreadful addiction. Objectives: The aim and objective of this study were to assess adverse health effects of mobile phone use among medical students in a government & private medical colleges. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted among the medical students in Medical Colleges of Madhya Pradesh, India. A pre-designed, pre-tested, anonymous questionnaire was used to assess the mobile use pattern among the students. Results: All the students were using mobile with 28% using it for more than 6 h every day. 43% of student’s experienced medical problems with majority complained a lack of concentration. Duration of the use of mobile phones was significantly associated with the development of health problem. Conclusion: With increased risk of health problems associated with excessive mobile use, one should emphasize on reserving the use of cell phones for shorter conversations and other healthy modes of entertainment.

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