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Easy Reach Store : Shopping Application for Visually Challenged

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D.I. De Silva,M.V.N. Godapitiya,J.C.Withanagamage,W.M.B.B.Weerakoon,D.W.S.S.W.M.R.M.B.B. Degaldoruwa
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.237


This study describes the creation of a cutting-edge mobile app intended to improve the supermarket shopping experience for those with visual impairments. The Android Studio-based program functions as a digital map inside a particular grocery shop, providing step-by-step guidance to desired sections and items without relying on real-time location monitoring. With just one voice input button, the user interface is purposefully kept simple. Users can just speak commands into the app, and it will answer by speaking out loud step-by-step directions to the location of their choice inside the store. Users also have the option of listening to the audio output again to make sure they fully comprehend each step. The app's capacity to recall prior locations is a remarkable feature. The software prompts users to select whether they want directions from their current position or from the sector they just left when they want to move to another area of the store. The user's comfort and flexibility are increased by this adjustment. Recognizing the special needs of visually impaired users, the administrative features of the app incorporate a long-press login method to avoid inadvertent access. Administrators may effectively control store sections and product listings once they are logged in. Administrators might, for instance, add categories like "Biscuits" and specific products like "Chocolate Biscuits" to the site to give visitors a precise and thorough purchasing experience. Although this research did not directly interview visually impaired people, it relied from prior studies on related apps and the particular needs of this user group. This app seeks to improve the quality of life of visually impaired people by emphasizing accessibility and user-friendliness while enabling them to independently and effectively navigate grocery stores.

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