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Diversity in cucumber; An evaluation of diverse cucumber genotypes employing clustering and principal component analysis

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Rakesh Tadkal 1*, Dr. V. Rajasree 2, Dr. R. Swarnapriya3, Dr. N Senthil 4 and Dr. M. Raveendran 5
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.150


current experiment was carried out to identify the variability source structure in eleven phenotypic variables of 70 diverse cucumber genotypes. The findings showed that the first three-component axes provided a bigger share of the total variability, with eigenvalues of more than one depicting a cumulative variability of 73.75%. Cluster VII and cluster XII had the greatest intercluster distance showing a significant genetic diversity between the two clusters followed by clusters VII and cluster VIII. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) verified that all the investigated traits contributed to the observed genetic divergence, suggesting that these traits may be amenable to phenotypic selection. The number of fruits per vine contributed the most to genetic divergence, according to the relative contribution of characteristics to divergence. Therefore, breeders must place a special emphasis on these qualities when undertaking selection or selecting parents for hybridization.

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