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MahalakshmiK, MonishaK, RohithS, Sharan Babu RS4, SowmyaC5*
» doi: 10.53555/ecb/2023.12.12.177


Objectives:The goal of this study is to prepare and evaluate a topical gel loaded with Dexibuprofen (DIB)nanosponges. Methods: DIB nano sponges (DIBNS)had been prepared by using emulsion solvent diffusion technique and subsequently characterized for size, potential and surface morphology by scanning electron microscopy. Optimized DIBNSformulation (F2) was incorporated into Carbopol gel and evaluated for drug content, spreadability, viscosity and drug diffusion studies. Results: FTIR and DSC studies confirmed the absence of drug -excipient interactions. The average size of prepared DIBNS is 813.5 nm with 0.8 PDI and 32 mVs zeta potential. SEM studies revealed that the DIBNS are round in shape with smooth surface and available as clusters. DIBgel showed pH of 6.8, 70467.03 cps viscosity, 4.7 gm/cm/s spreadability and 64.27 % drug content. In vitro drug diffusion studies showed that, 52.14% drug has been released in 60 mins. Conclusion: From the results it has been concluded that, DIBNS loaded topical gels have been prepared successfully and evaluated. It could be an alternative topical formulation to the existing analgesic and anti-inflammatory gels. However, theclinical potential of DIBNSgels need to be evaluated.

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