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Development of down flow hanging sponge reactor as a new process and technology for sewage sludge treatment

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Sara M. Younes1, AbdouS.El-Tabl2, Mohamed S. Daba*3,Ahmed behairy El-saied4 and Shaimaa M. Faheem5
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.129


There are numerous sewage treatment techniques to select from, ranging from decentralized systems to big centralized systems that involve a network of pipes and pump stations that transport sewage sludge to a treatment plant. Sewage sludge treatment is a sort of waste water treatment that tries to remove contaminants from sewage sludge in order to generate effluent appropriate for discharge to the surrounding environment of an intended reuse use, preventing water contamination from raw sewage discharges. The presence of organic, inorganic, and biological contaminants in sewage sludge has a number of environmental and health consequences.Human and animal exposure to hazardous pollutants through ingestion of food and drinks has serious consequences, including impaired animal growth and development, cancer sickness, organ damage, nervous system damage, and, in extreme circumstances, death.

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