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Design of Green IoT for Sustainable Smart Cities and Ecofriendly Environment

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Dr. Pramod G. Musrif, Amol More, Ashish Shankarrao Apate, Sandeep R Kapse, Jagendra Singh, Ramkrishna Jana
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.356


Green IOT is basically referred to as the adoption of energy efficient norms to reduce the environmental impact of IOT applications. IoT devices need to be energy efficient to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions. It basically aims towards the sustainable use of IOT to reduce the environmental impact and at the same time optimizing the carbon footprint of the rapidly evolving technology. Hence, the entire concept of Green IOT revolves around green design, production, utilization and ecofriendly disposal of the technology. From production to disposal, everything needs to have negligible impact on the environment. Green IoT is targeted towards improving the energy efficiency of IoT devices to create a more sustainable environment

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