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Dr.Ahila. D, Dr. N. Bagyalakshmi
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.093


As the banking sector in India rapidly moves towards digitisation,customer satisfaction towards digitalized banking services has become increasingly important in the modern era. With the advancement of technology, customers expect banks to provide digital solutions that are convenient, efficient, and userfriendly.Digitalized banking services have enabled customers to access banking services 24/7 without the need for visiting a physical branch.Thisstudy examines the level of customer satisfaction towards the features of digitalised banking services in Coimbatore, India.The convenient sampling method was employed, which included a questionnaire survey and semi-structured interviews with customers of various banks in Coimbatore.Primary data collected from 531 bank customers in Coimbatore District of Tamilnadu.The Factor analysis is applied for the data analysis.The results of a study that identified seven factors related to customer satisfaction in the banking industry. The significant factors that raised customer satisfaction were identified based on their component loading of 0.5 and above.The contribution of each factor towards customer satisfaction was also identified, with factor one contributing the most at 33.767 percent, and the other factors contributing in descending order. This study provides insights that can help banks to enhance customer satisfaction by addressing these concerns.

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