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Correlation of diabetics with Serum biomarkers in subhimalayan diabetics: Hospital based, Cross sectional study

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Sandeep Dabral, Tariq Masood, Makrand Singh, Anjali Verma
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.228


According toInternational Diabetes Federation and World Health Organisation, endemic diabetes is growing challenges in developed & developing countries. In India about 8.7% diabetics, is estimated in age group of 20- 70 years. This Non communicable diseasesare mobilized by urbanization, unhealthy food intake & lake of physical workout.Aim-This study was conducted to correlate blood serum biomarker (HbA1C, urea, creatinine& uric acid) among diabetic& non-diabetics subjects. Material and Method:Out of 250 subjects: 200 subjects were recited in Study Group (Group A) as per diagnosis in medicine department & 50 in Control Group (Group B). Blood samples were collected for fasting blood sugar, HbA1C, urea, creatinine & uric acid with limit of age 35-60 years. Result- P-value of all the biomarkers showed statistically significant difference in both diabetics and non-diabetic group.Conclusion-This study showed that increasedserum biomarkers can be use to reduce the severity of diabetic nephropathy

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