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Correlation of cytomorphology of exfoliated mucosal cells present in Viral transport media of COVID 19 positive cases with biochemical and radiological findings.

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Dr Sarandeep Singh Puri**,Dr Monal Trisal*, Dr Jyoti Mishra***, Dr Neema Tiwari*@,Dr AK Mandal***, Dr Dalip Kakadu#
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.136


INTRODUCTION: WHO declared a catastrophic pandemic in form of COVID-19 infection which spread all across the globe in no time 1. It was observed that this virus was associated with high morbidity and mortality rate 2 Many papers have been published on the morphology of viral cytopathic effects on blood smears or even on saliva samples but to the best of our knowledge, no paper from our region(west UP population in India) has commented upon cytopathic effects of the viral particles on exfoliated cells(from swabs) present in the viral transport media(VTM)2059-2068

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