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Sachin Luthra, Dr. Amit Adlakha, Dr. Gaurav Chopra
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.193


The intensified competition and perpetually varying business dynamics pose hurdles to the “Hotel Aggregators” (HAs) in their path to maintain a sustainable and viable business model. This can be addressed and resolved by embarking on a strengthened value proposition and customer engagement. In contemplation of the same; the values imparted by the HAs ought to be meticulously recognized and understood.In purview of this journey the researches have as paired topropose a paradigm for understanding how various consumption values influence the purchase intention of consumers with the help of “Theory of Consumption Values”. To accomplish the undertaken study a survey has been conducted from thetouristswho have flocked to Delhi-NCR; and 433 valid samples were acquired for data analysis.The findings of this survey indicate the associated consumption valuesof the HAs as a reliable predictor of purchase intention for accommodation booking. Thestudy unfolds that accessibility, steadiness in getting benefits from HAs,sensible and intelligent pricing, enablement of price comparison, enticements and perks available from Hasand the easein evaluation of available information in various aspects such as on-going offers/ the subjective terms and circumstances/policies for booking cancellation; count in on the values that favourably impact the purchase intentions of hotel booking through HAs.

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