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Conserving Historic Sites and Heritage Culture through Sustainable and Holistic Approach

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Arzoo Shoor, Jasmeen Kaur
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.366


Preserving our heritage culture in order to make the most of its usefulness is defined as conservation, while sustainability is about extending a structure's lifespan to contribute to energy, capital, and resource savings. Sustainability and conservation are synonyms in these terms, which are related to the limited resources of the natural and man-made worlds. On the other hand, achieving a position of profitable growth that encourage continuous capital investment into making structures, new development, or other important change-driven and economically familiar endeavors for the city investor whose primary concern is sellable property defined as Sustainability. Then, sustainable development's profitable issue takes precedence over the social and environmental issues. These bad things make clear that we should be careful about how we think "development" is defined. This paper also talks about different sustainable development approaches and how they can be used to protect cultural heritage sites. Because the heritage sites which holds our culture are a manifestation of human's creativity and provide the evidence of our old history, they also highlight the significance of their preservation and management for future generations. These heritage site protection is a multidisciplinary line that requires the joint effort of specialists from various line for its prosperity.

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