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Clothing Preference and Psychological elements (Narcissistic Personality and Body Esteem Among College Students

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Nikita Tanwar, Rajbir Singh, Anita Manglani, Navkiran Kalsi, Nivrutti D. Mangore, Ananya Bacchhani
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.94


Clothing preference is prominent area in clothing researches. clothing preference or choices highly associated with psychological elements (Dewayanti, & Andhini, 2023) such as personality, body-esteem (Shekhar, et al., 2019), Self-sexualization (Johnson, & Yu, 2023) etc. Objective: To investigate the association of Clothing Preference with Narcissistic Personality, and Body Esteem. Importantly in general and difference in correlations between Narcissistic Personality & Body Esteem, Clothing Preference & Body Esteem, and Narcissistic Personality & Clothing Preference for gender. Method: A sample of 200 was selected (100 boys and 100 girls). The convenience sampling technique was used to select the sample. The present research adopted correlation Research Design. Data collection tools and tests were Demographic Information Sheet developed by researchs, Clothing Preference Scale (Chandel & Sharma, 2021), Body-Esteem-Revised (Frost et al., 2018), Narcissistic Personality Inventory (Raskin and Hall, 1979). Results: The relationship between Clothing Preference, Body Esteem and Narcissistic Personality is not simple and direct. Findings revealed that correlations between these aforesaid variables were positive and significant. Moreover, the striking findings were the relationship between Body Esteem and Clothing Preference becomes very powerful in case of males only the correlation rose up to .873 from .222 however this was not in the case of females.

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