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Manvi Sharma, Shweta Sareen, Vishal Mutreja
» doi: 10.53555/ecb/2023.12.12.297


Biomaterials play a critical role in the development of biomedical devices, offering unique properties and functionalities that enable the creation of devices with improved safety, efficiency, and performance. This review paper discusses the synthesis methods, mechanical properties and performance of biomaterials, surface modification and coatings, and regulatory considerations for their use in medical devices. This review paper explores the various applications of biomaterials in biomedical devices, including drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, bone grafts, orthopedic implants, medical adhesives, cardiovascular devices, contact lenses, and wearable sensors. Additionally, the paper addresses future directions and challenges in the field, such as the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and the need for more comprehensive testing methods. Overall, the importance of biomaterials in biomedical device development cannot be overstated, and their continued development and implementation will continue to drive advances in the field of Medicine and improve patient outcomes.

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