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Mohammed Ibraheem Altaf1 and Adeel Ahmad2
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.202


The dielectric parameters of different types of tissues of skeletal muscle, heart, liver, kidney and brain reveal extensive variant, which is to be attributed to the level of hydration, molecular composition with respect to proteins and lipids. The structural constituents and molecular compositions of tissues have amalgamated commotion in influencing the dielectric properties of tissues. The dielectric properties of blood are imperative for practical application. Impedance techniques at audio frequencies are well well-known for the measurement of blood flow or other physiological parameters. Impedance methods can be used to screen blood flow through arteries, small impedance change can be pragmatic during the heart cycle, that replicate changes in blood volumes and flow induced charges in the conductivity of blood. A dielectric relaxation is present in the audio frequency range. Magnitude of the dielectric dispersion is significantly high in audio frequency range.

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