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Biocompatible Synergistic antifungal Essential Oil Cream for Topical Delivery of Fluconazole

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Ritakshi *1, Arti Kori1
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.224


The incidence of antibiotic resistance and the widespread nature of fungus infections are recent issues in the field of public health. Utilizing the potential of natural bioactive compounds from plants is important to cure a fungal infection. Combining the effects of creams containing antibiotics with naturally occurring substances derived from plants is one method that might be used to develop a novel antifungal drug. Based on cinnamon, oregano, or clove essential oil (CIN, ORG, or CLV) as the oil phase and sucrose laurate (D1216) or sucrose palmitate (D1616) as surfactants, excipients with built-in antifungal action, we created topical biocompatible microemulsions. The intention was to improve fluconazole's absorption via the skin, tolerability, and therapeutic effectiveness. The research carried out revealed that antifungal cream combined with lemon grass oil had antifungal properties. This study intends to gain lemongrass oil's twin advantages as an antifungal and a penetration-enhancing agent. The addition of lemongrass to the fluconazole cream will have synergistic anti-fungal effects when fluconazole is combined with it and aid in penetrating the stratum corneum, the skin's protective barrier layer. The Fusion process was used to create several fluconazole creams that were oil-in-water emulsions.

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