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Behavior of Polymer Modified High Volume Fly Ash Concrete (PMHVFAC)Produced with Hybrid Textile Fibers

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K. P. Thejaswi1 and Dr. G. S. Manjunatha2
» doi: : 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.168


High volume fly ash concrete (HVFAC) is a concrete in which the cement is replaced by fly ash by 50% or more than 50%. Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) is a form of concrete, where conventional reinforcement is replaced with textile fibers. Because of the high tenacity ofthe concrete prepared by textile fibers will result in flexible and durability of structures.The characteristics of workability and compressive strength of polymer modified high volume fly ash concrete (PMHVFAC) with different mono textile fibers and hybrid textile fibers are investigated in this paper. In the present study the textile fibers such as carbon fiber, polypropylene fiber, nylon fiber, polyster fiber and polyethelene fiber are used. The results depicts that,there is adrastic reduction of workability in PMHVFAC produced from hybrid textile fibers and mono textile fibers. In addition, the compressive strength of PMHVFAC produced with different hybrid textile fibers are more as compared to HVFAC and their respective mono textile fibers.

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