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Assessment of Mothers' Knowledge and Practices Regarding Care of their Children with Accidental Household Poisoning in preschool age

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Manar Sayed Elsayed Mahmoud , Eman Hassan Mahmoud, Safaa Salah Ismail
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.361


Accidental poisoning is a serious international problem. It is likely to remain one of the most common medical emergencies that confront physicians and casual medical offices at any time 90% of accidents poisoning involved children under the age of five years (El-Emary et al., 2019). Aim of the study this study aimed to assess mothers' knowledge and practices regarding care of their children with accidental household poisoning in preschool age. Design: A descriptive design was utilized in this study. Setting: This study was conducted at the Emergency Department of poisoning control center in Elkasr Elani Hospital.Study subjects: A purposive sample was 80 mothers accompanying their school-age children to the poisoning control center, in Elkasr Elani Hospital, for treatment of poisoning, Data collection tools: The data in this study collected by two tools Tool 1 : Structured questionnaire, It consists of three parts: Part I: Characteristics of the studied mothers, Part II: Characteristics of children Part III : Mothers' knowledge, This part was intended to assess mother's knowledge about children with accidental household poisoning. Tool 2 : Mothesr' preventive and safety measures checklist tool: Part I: it was include a structured checklist sheet to assess the actual practices of mothers regarding home safety Part II: it assesses mothers' reported practices as regards first aid, Results: (46.3%)of studied mothers had their age ranged between 20 < 30 years old, two thirds (72.5%) of the study sample has been housewives, more two third (66.3%) of the study sample lived in the urban area, about (46.3%) of children ranged between 3 to 4 years old Conclusion The current study concluded that about two third of the studied mothers had unsatisfactory level of total knowledge regarding their children poisoning at home and two third of the studied mothers had an not adequate practices of total practice related to home poisoning of the children ,there was a statistically significant positive correlation between total mothers' knowledge score and total practice score Recommendations: Establish health education programs for mothers about accidental poisoning and appropriate first aid measures.

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