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Assessment of Left Atrial Strain in Patients with Rheumatic Mitral Valve Disease: A Case-Control Study

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Sridevi Prabhu1,Krishnananda Nayak1,Mukund Prabhu2, Manjoosha M1,Shadha Farooq1,Athira Radhakrishnan1,Shreeja Nayak1
» doi: : 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.188


Background:This study aims to assess left atrial strain attributes in various mitral valve diseases and to clearly distinguish among patients having mitral valve disease with rheumatic carditis or mitral valve prolapse as its etiology, and individuals with normal cardiac structure and function. Results:43 patients who were suffering from mitral valve disease (Age: 48.23 ± 13.05), including 29 stenotic, 10 regurgitant, and 4 combined (mitral stenosis and mitral regurgitation)and 43 age and gender-matched controls (49.67 ± 12.60) were enrolled in the

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