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Antecedents of Consumer Behavior towards Online Shopping of Electronic Goods

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Saloni Bindlish , Dr. Vinod Kumar
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.216


One large option of shoppers is drawn to the electronic goods. Electronics purchasing online is significantly more convenient for customers than buying other things. The goal is to investigate the aspects that can influence online shoppers’ attitudes, intentions, and actual purchase behavior in order to better understand how customers behave while buying electronic products. The study is also undertaken to assess the modeling of consumer behavior for online shopping. In all, the impact of 34 variables and five factors which are influencing, pricing, promotion, success, and hindrance were considered. Data from 650 respondents was gathered for this using a Google form, and first order CFA was used for analysis. According to the findings, 5 components account for 72.41% of the variation and have Eigen values larger than 1. The study's conclusions give both philosophers and marketers insightful information about the potential challenging forecast brought on by the growing structured transaction. This study is anticipated to contribute to the field of e-commerce, with a particular emphasis on the electronic invention sector. Subsequent research can use our study as a starting point to dig deeper into the subject.

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