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Analyze The Directional Effect Of The Wind On The Transmission Line Tower

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Abhishek Parashar , Bhomik Singh Rana , Kratika Mishra, Akshat Shree , Ankit Raj, Arpit Kaushik, Mr. Sarvpriya Sharma
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.133


The primary goal of this final year project is to analyze the directional effect of the wind on the transmission line tower STAAD Pro software. The whole procedure will encompass manual load calculations as well as the comprehensive examination of the entire structure using STAAD Pro. The composition of the towers will be assessed based on specific criteria and requirements. The project will involve analyzing multiple 2D and 3D frames subjected to various load combinations. Special attention will also be given to analyzing offshore steel piers under different load scenarios. Once the analysis is complete, the structure will be thoroughly studied, and moment and shear force values will be generated. These values will be depicted in diagrams, aiding in visualizing the processing sequence. Furthermore, the deflection of different members under given load combinations will be evaluated. In essence, the project entails constructing transmission towers by meticulously analyzing the forces acting on the structural elements and understanding their properties. It is worth noting that the cost of a transmission tower can vary significantly, ranging from a quarter to half of the total expense, depending on the tower's design. Key elements in this project include analyzers, transmission wheels, load assessment, cost considerations, and wind effects.

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