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Akshat Aman1 , Suman Anand2 , Priyansh Brannen Lall3 , Aakansha Arora4 , Himanshi Metta5 , Pawan Kumar Patnaik6
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.08


As the trend increases of publishing and storing research papers in various platforms available online to read, to take reference and further carry on the research, the mining of research papers plays an important role in today’s era. There are multiple tools and organizations feeding the above purpose. These tools help in mapping and connecting the required data and fetching the useful information present in a large number of research papers published in the same category. Despite the ambiguity of textual data, the organizations are helping researchers by using text mining tools to answer the research questions and find the solution to emerging problems and technologies. This paper aims in listing and comparing the available tools in the public domain and the organization promoting this aim and cause. As the trend continues there have been several research questions arising like, the tools available for the process, their limitations, the organizations that bolster these tools and technology, domain-specific challenge, its accuracy, etc. In this paper, we have tried to answer some of the questions listed above.

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