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Analysis of the intra-specific morphological diversity of some Solanum melongena Linn. accessions from Dhemaji district of Assam

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Mrittika Das, Priya Deori, Aandrisha Borthakur, Bijoy Neog
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.Si9.262


Plants may adapt their morphological and physiological characteristics in response to changes in their environment. Finding intraspecific morphological differences among populations of Solanum melongena Linn. Accessions from tribal areas in the Dhemaji district of Assam were the goal of this study. Seven S. melongena accessions were collected from the 35 blocks in seven sections near NH15. They were assessed using six morphological descriptors: leaf length, leaf width, midvein length, petiole length, fruit length, and fruit width. Accession B4 had the smallest leaf length (10.4±0.67cm), leaf width (5.53±1.13cm), midvein length (8.5±0.83cm), petiole length (1.7±0.92cm), whereas longest leaf length (16.9±0.95cm) and width (10.2±2.16cm) were noted for B1. UPGMA distance matrix for the morphological characters showed distance among different accessions varied from 1.19 to 13.06. Maximum distance between B2 and B3 accession and minimum between B6 and B2 was noted. The dendrogram for morphological data clustered B2 and B6 together and most distant from the cluster of B3 and B4. B1, B7, and B5 were noted clustered together on dendrogram. Although no statistically significant variations were noted among leaf length of different accessions, variation in other morphological descriptors was noted which confirms the intra-specific morphological diversity of the seven accessions.

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