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Mr. Fahimul islam kirmani, Nikhil Kumar Prajapati, Anushka Yadav , Aman Singh Yadav, Yashovardhan Pratap Singh , Shubham
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.320


A dam developed with gravity is a sizable, workmanship or cement constructed structure that traverses the waterway and is utilized to make a supply in front of the stream. The part of the gravity dam is by and large three-sided in shape, with its broadest piece at the base and the peak on the top. The segment's attributes permit it to oppose the different powers following up on it by weight. This exposition looks at a dam utilizing the Staad.Pro program. Staad.pro is much of the time used for multi- story structures with bar and segments. Staad.Pro can examine any kind of part, for example, a serving dish, shell, or strong, notwithstanding the shaft individuals. Thus, the product reenacts the dam utilizing strong pieces and the pertinent information. The paper's decisions depict the impacts of stressors and stress shapes. The reason for the review is to figure out how to examine a dam utilizing STAAD.Pro and strong components.

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