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T. Subburaj, Deeraj. C, Shraddha S, Prasad H R
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.373


In this security system where we will take the help of micro controllers and some other sensors using which we can give high level or extra security system to the army camp where they are camping. We will install the sensor based intruder system in the surrounding of the military camp and we will deploy a camera based payload if we feel any anomaly around the army camp. We develop the radar system using ultrasonic sensor which will alert the army camp when they are resting or cannot reach or cover the area. This sensor detect the enemy or other wild animal entering into the army camp area and surrounding and it will alert the soldiers to take an action quickly to secure the camp.This project also has a motion detection sensor which will sense the motion around it and alert the solider to take a quick action using PIR sensors.After sensing the anomaly around the camp solider cannot go outside directly because they will be the easy target to the enemy. so we created a remote control payload which will be sent in the direction of security breach in this way damage can be reduced easily on the army camp.

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