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An explorative study on therapeutic potential of Homoeopathic medicine Lecithin

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Dr Zankhana Desai,Dr Ketan Shah,
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.86


Lecithin is a phospholipid found in all cells of human beings and has a vital role in metabolic processes and neurological function. Lecithin is used for a variety of pharmaceutical applications, nutritional formulations, and liposomes for drug delivery. It is also indicated to improve physical and mental performance, prevent liver diseases, and reduce cholesterol levels. In Homoeopathy Lecithin, a dynamized homoeopathic medicine is indicated for various nutritional disorders, to improve the general state of health, for insomnia and sexual weakness. Being partially proven medicine is described for limited clinical conditions in homeopathic materia medica. Though such medicine has the potential for definite therapeutic utility it lacks literature pieces of evidence. This cross-sectional survey is an attempt to explore the actual prevailing clinical utility of this medicine by Homoeopathic Physicians. Survey data were collected by an intended questionnaire. Study inference showed valuable therapeutic usage of medicine for, nutritional disorders, sleep disorders, ill effects of mental and physical exertion, generalized weakness, improving lactation, lipid disorders, muscular disease, and organ affections. This survey information will enhance the literature part on the therapeutic usage of this medicine and a base for further research studies to corroborate its medicinal action.

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