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An empirical study of consumer buying behavior towards electric vehicles in Goa.

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Dr. Sucheta Y. Naik
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.137


The world is rapidly moving towards electric mobility. Under the Clean Energy Ministerial, a high-level forum to promote clean energy policies and programs, eight countries have committed to the ‘EV 30@30’ campaign. As part of this campaign, India aims to achieve a 30 per cent electric vehicle penetration by 2030. There are many positive and negative aspects to accelerating electric vehicle mobility. This paper focuses on the reasons for switching from petrol to electric vehicles, to find out the impact of electric vehicles on the environment and to study the agegroup which prefers electric vehicles.Some of the features of Electric vehicles are low maintenance cost, low running cost, convenience, no noise and environment friendly.The progress of the electric vehicle industry is highly necessary to reduce environmental pollution, reduction in oil imports and better economy and better utilization of renewable resources.

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