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An Ayurvedic Approach for The Management Of Non-Progressive Neuromotor Disorder (Cerebral Palsy)

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Dr. Saniya Yusufkhan Pathan, Dr. T. Y. Swamity, Dr. Pooja Anant Godare, Dr. Chanda T. Prajapati, Dr. Amruta Sagar Jorvekar
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.171


In this advanced era, every moment man is achieving more and more success in finding a solution for the problems related to mankind. Despite very fast development in the field of medical technology, the rate of birth of physically and mentally disabled children is increasing day by day; which is posing a great challenge to the aim of a healthy society. The present study deals with those special children with positive hypothesis for efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment. This work has been initiated with the intention of providing some benefits by giving possible improvement in present condition and minimizing the disability of those innocents and thereby improving their quality of life and providing with an active and self supporting happy life.

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