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“An Analysis on the Emotional Intelligence of Students pursuing Engineering degree from Chandrapur District.”

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Prof. Megha Shukla, Dr. Kavita Hingane, Prof. Tushar Dongre
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.363


We are living in a world that is evolving quicker than ever before and is confronted with unprecedented problems. In existent competitive environment, when students are under pressure of doing multiple tasks with efficiency, it is precarious for students to understand their correct place not only in academics but also in terms of emotional intelligence towards the unpredicted complexities of life. The New Education Policy is designed towards enhancing the quality of education and simultaneously make the learners better deal with their Emotions. Students can develop abilities for their personal and professional life with the help of emotional awareness. Examining Chandrapur District engineering students' emotional intelligence is the goal of the current study. The sampling method employed was random. 468 engineering students made up the sample. For data collection, the Schutte et al, 1998 emotional intelligence standardised tool was used. The data was analysed using statistical approaches such as mean, percentiles, standard deviation, and t-value. The results of the study indicate that emotional intelligence was unaffected by the study's subject, the school's location, the kind of family, the father's occupation, or the family's income. The students' sense of emotion was shown to be ordinary.

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