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Aesthetic management of Maxillary anterior tooth using direct Nano hybrid composite – A Case series

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Lavanya Jinnah, Dr.Natrajan Senthilnathan MDS , Dr.Sriram Sankar MDS , Dr. Saranya Sivaraj MDS , Dr.Sujith Rajmohan MDS , Dr. Sowmiya Tamil MDS, Dr. Kumar OhmNijandhan MDS, Dr. PremKumar Elavarasu MDS
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.489


Maxillary anterior plays vital role in everybody’s smile. Aesthetic management of maxillary anterior teeth affected by trauma or dental caries is a significant problem for dentist to have a successful result. Composite resins are used as restorative materials as they offer flawless aesthetic potential and acceptable longevity. Technique like direct placement of resin-bonded composite to restore damaged anterior teeth are invariably more conservative of tooth tissue than indirect procedures, operative techniques using direct nano hybrid composite can be challenging and are considered technique sensitive. Clinicians require both technical and artistic skill to provide composite restorations that restore function and aesthetics to match with the residual dentition. This case report presents two cases of aesthetic management of maxillary anterior using direct nano hybrid composite restoration.

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