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A Systematic Review on the Methods Developed to Detect COVID-19 Patients

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Rayudu Srinivas, Anil Kumar Muthevi, N. Praveen, Shaik. Vahida, Surya Lakshmi Kantham Vinti, N. Madhuri
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.276


A review has been presented in this paper on “Methods developed to detect COVID-19 patient” and Bibliometric survey presented based on the methods developed to detect COVID-19 patients. The first case of Corona virus disease recorded in China in the month of December 2019. Within few days, it spreads all over the world. Most of the researchers still working on methodologies to detect patients who are suffering from this disease using X- ray images and CT images by collecting data from various hospital and standard data sets. To review the papers published on the COVID-19, a search is made using key ‘COVID-19’ in Scopus database and found 167,008 documents published in the years 2020 and 2021. To review the performance of the methods/ Techniques developed, the Scopus database is used for collecting the papers. The number of documents published to detect COVID-19 patients are 1802 and Bibliometric analysis is conducted on these documents. Out of these documents, paper published on detecting COVID-19 patients using X-ray images having minimum number of citations 11 are used to compare the performance of the method. The statistical analysis and Network analysis is also carried out using VOSviewer1.6.16 software. The Source for all tables and figures is www.scopus.com. The data is assessed on 14thJuly, 2021.

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