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A Synthesis of Structural, Morphological, Electrical and Dielectric property of Manganese Dioxidedoped polyaniline [MnO2/PANI]

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Sharanabasava, Pooja Mallinath, Abhishek, Gurunath L N, Nagbasavanna Sharanappa
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.381


The uniform distribution of (PANI) polyanilineand metal oxide composites is anticipated to enable the materials use in more applications. This work used APS (ammonium persulfate) as an oxidant and HCL used as catalyst to create PANI and manganese dioxide doped polyaniline (MnO2/PANI) with various molar concentrations.Using the XRD and SEM techniques, the composites' structural and surface morphology were identified. Using "impedance analyzer" dielectric characteristics and the electrical (AC & DC) were formed. At room temperature, all of the composites' AC conductivity and dielectric constant were examined as functions of frequency, while the DC conductivity was temperature function

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