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A symptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) in Pregnancy with fetal and maternal outcome

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Dr. Deborah Purushottam M, Dr. Bharath Kakileti, Dr. Kasina Ushasree, Dr. Harika Bai Banavathu
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.075


The asymptomatic UTI is a persistent, actively multiplying bacteria within the urinary tract without any symptoms of infection. The prevalence in pregnancy varies from 2 to 7% and it depends on parity, race and socioeconomic status. If ASB is not treated, approximately 25% of women will subsequently develop acute symptoms of an infection during pregnancy. Detailed history of each case was taken regarding the name, age, address, socio-economic status, literacy, obstetric history, gynecological history, any symptoms related to urinary tract infection, history of recent antibiotic intake, past history of urinary tract infection, BOH, DM, HTN and any surgical intervention of the urinary tract (catheterization or any operation for abnormalities of the urinary tract). Out of the study population of 400 pregnant women, who were screened for ASB, 39 (9.75%) women had ASB and belonged to Group A. 361 (90.25%) did not have ASB and belonged to group B. Thus the incidence of group A is 9.75% and group B is 90.25%. Fifteen pregnant women had insignificant growth, hence included in group B.

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