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A Study on Life Skills Amongst Children in Conflict with Law

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Dr.R.Rohini, Dr.J.O.Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo, Dr.B.Sathyabama
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.Si6.031


Children who engage in offensive behaviours are titled in the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 as children in conflict with law. The root of delinquent behaviours among children lies both in the nature and nurture of the children, often learnt early in their life either from the family or the society around them. The crimes committed by juveniles across the country are totally alarming. It is crucial to recognize, prevent and limit the risk factors which push youngsters towards adopting habits that may hurt them personally, their family and their larger society. Life skills play an important role in preventing delinquent behaviours. Effective prevention and rehabilitation provide opportunities for the children to adjust, reform and return to adulthood resourcefully with maturity. The purpose of this study is to examine the life skills of Tamilnadu government homes for juveniles with delinquent behaviours. Methods: A descriptive research design was utilized with the goal of determining the respondents' level of life skills and identifying any associations between those skills and specific sociodemographic characteristics. The study's samples were chosen using the survey method at government observation residences in Tamilnadu over a certain length of time. Data were gathered using the Life Skills Assessment Scale developed by A. Radhakrishnan Nair in 2010. The gathered data were statistically processed and analysed. In conclusion, it was found that the majority of the respondents have high Life Skills, they have both parents, were from urban areas, were from nuclear families and worked while studying. Social work practices have a vital role in introducing effective and appropriate life skills to enhance productivity and reintegrate the juvenile into the mainstream of society with dignity

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