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K.Archana, M.Vijey Aanandhi
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.118


One of the main aims of green analytical chemistry (GAC) is the reduction of solvents and chemicals consumed. Recycling the mobile phase in chromatographic techniques provides an efficient way to implement GAC principles. However, this is not an easy job, particularly in the case of the gradient mode. Analysis of multi-pharmaceuticals for the same manufacturer using one mobile phase system dramatically reduces consumed solvents, time, and cost for pharmaceuticals analysis in quality control laboratories. This work is an attempt to reduce time, cost and effort needed for quality control analysis of several dosage forms produced by the same manufacturer. Our novel and green RP-HPLC method is able to separate and quantify a mixture of components produced by the same manufacturers. The quality of a pharmaceutical product is directly related to health of patients. During the development of a new analytical method, as liquid chromatography, must be considered various factors, such as reliability, detection and separation of all compounds of interest, speed analysis, reduced need for pretreatment of the sample, low final cost analysis, and use of non-toxic reagents neither for the operator or for the environment. The use of simple and easy methods of execution, fast, precise, accurate and environmentally friendly becomes more and more interesting for the pharmaceutical industry in Quality Control of drugs and medicines. The lack of environmental friendly methods for the analysis of pharmaceuticals with minimum generation of toxic waste and the consciousness of the analytical decisions is a gap that currently drives the research groups.

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