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Rashmi S1 , Varshita Artham2 , Vennapusa Anusree Reddy2 , Sujith2 , Sanjana Patil2
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.155


Fraudulent or Counterfeit commodities are imitation of the original products with malicious intent to mislead people and generating profit. The counterfeit product problem is a global issue that has several negative effects. From the perspective of business, it may result in decline of sales and revenue. It might undermine consumer and business confidence. Fake goods can have negative, and even fatal, effects on the unwary consumer in addition to directly compromise the reputation and worth of a well-known company. There has been a considerable research in this area to avoid fake product, although not completely successful. The application of blockchain technology has reached numerous sectors including healthcare, supply chain management, Transfer of wills etc.In this paper, a ”Fake Product Identification System using Blockchain Technology” is proposed. The proposed system will leverage blockchain technology to achieve product traceability, reduce the impact of counterfeiting, and enhance the security of the system. This will help business and clients to identify faulty products in the manufacturing process and take necessary measures to prevent them from entering the market.

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